January 09, 2005


ThISh SuNDaE EyES pOStiNG a piTCHeR of RuFuS aNd DuLciE...DuLciE isH tHe nEw kiTTeN in tOWn. AfTeR a fEW dAZe oF hoUSe-mATe SukI haVinG a hiSSy fiT, DuLciE fOUnd a nEw FRiEnD aN sAnCTuaRy in sWEeT RuFuS. EyEs lUvz tHisH piCTheR 'n RuFus, SuKi & DuLciE's mOm kiNDLy lEt mEEsa pOSt iT fOr aLL tHe KarNIe kAtZ to eNJoY.

Rufus & Dulcie enjoy a quiet moment

-- mOllY

[CATNIP: Check out Leslie's Omnibus excellent Carnival of the Cats...lots of cuteness and Frank J. tweaks the meme.]

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January 02, 2005

COTC #41

I am not in a mood for zany today, so I'll just post the photos I prepared for Carnival of the Cats, ably hosted by Daphne, Chloe and Matt at MartiniPundit. These are two of my favorite snaps of Zak, it's hard to believe these were taken 25 years ago, seems like only yesterday that he graced our lives.

I was photographing a hummingbird nest in our patio vines and looked down to see him sitting at my feet, watching with his eyes closed as cats are wont to do...his coloring perfectly blending with the rose brick.

(click for a large image)

This one is self-explantory: winter sun + warm pool coping = snoozing cat.

UPDATE: Can't get enough of cute cat & dog pix? Check out Steve's Friday Ark at The Modulator.

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December 25, 2004

HaPPy HoLiDaE KaTz KarNiVaL

MeEsa, ZoZo 'n FeSte wiShes yOueS a MeRRy ChRIStMaS, wE dOeS...'n so dOEs ThE KarnIvAL KaTz

What ornament?


[catnip: last summer we promised a photo of Zak, this one seemed purrfect. --Zozo]

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December 19, 2004


ThE wEEk beFOrE ChRiSTmaZ an ShaRp aZ a mARblE'z KarNIvAl of tHE Katz mAKeZ SuM PeoPLe cRAzY.

To wIt: tHe AnTLeRs of ShAMe:

ZozO to hER crEDiT wUz hAVinG nONe oF It. EyEs iZ bLoGGinG fRoM tHe LaPtOP iN a SEcrET LoCATiOn sO's MeEZa dOEsN't bECoMe FeSte's nEXt pHoTo viCTim!


[catnip: I am far more appalled that Feste actually bought this piece of crap, but Harley being a dog 'n all will prolly love it. --Zozo]

(An Elf's hat tip to Lair & Nardo for the inspiration -Feste)

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November 28, 2004

EnNui KaTz

MeESa stRUggLeZ tO sHAke oFf tHe sLeePy pOst-TuRKey blahs...bUt mEyEs FrEn Pi sUmMeD uP a lONg wINteR wEEkEnD PeRfekTtLy. YaWWWnnnn...


[CATNIP: Carnival of the Cats is up at Watermark and fine Feast 'O Felines it is too! --Zozo]

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November 07, 2004


ShuNdAE! KarNIvAL oF tHe KAtZ tiME 'n fUr a cUTsY piCThEr oF mOi. FeSTe sNEAkEd uP oN MeEsa sNug iN mEEs IglOO hOUse aN pOinTeD tHat CliCkY-fLaShy blACk thIng aT mEEsa. It wUz tOO nICe an wARm to mOVe...sO Eyes didn'T.


[CATNIP: Mind of Mog has out done herself. Go. See. Cats. What else were you expecting?

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October 31, 2004


WuT a SuNDAe! CLoCKs rOLLinG, eLEctIOn gUEsSinG, HaLLowEEninG aNd KaRNIvaL oF tHe KatZ Iz uP aT When cats Attack tOO!


He'RE's a piTcHEr oF mEEsa 'n ZozO enJOying a nEw caTNIp pOUcH ziPPeD iNTo tHe boTToM Of oUr sUnNinG bed. MeESa wuZ haVInG lOtZ oF fUn, tHen tHAt trICksy ZOzO kiCKeD meEsa OuT 'n hOgGeD iT aLL.

JuSTicE pREvaILeD aS yUO cAn sEE iF yOUsE cLIcKS tHe ReAd MoRe ShtUfF thINgiE...



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October 23, 2004


WeESa hAd gOOd fUn tODaY, FeSTe bROuGhT uZ frEsH kiTTy grAzz, wE'z lOVes kiTY gRAz aN FeSte toO. ThAt nAuGthy ZozO hoGGeD tHe bOWl, sHe iSh a bIg oLe pIG!


[CATNIP: Carnival of the Cats is up at Lairs, Edloe ringmastering...or what ever it is he's doing. --Zozo]

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October 10, 2004

AuTumN KaRNIval oF tHe KaTz

HeWoo...iT'z sUNdaE aN wE'Re bAAcK! FeSte tOOk tHish pITchER oF mEEsa oN tHe fENce toDay wHiLse EyE wUz wATchInG a liZaRD er SummIn', EyES fORgeTs.

ThE leAfsEs aRe tURniNg rEd aN gOld....tHeyS aRe rEaL purrTy, aIn'T tHEy?

[CATNIP: Henry and Lucy are delighted to present this week's Carnival of the Cats --Zozo]

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August 29, 2004


...iSh a waRMm dOg. Pi aN BeN naPPin' rIGtH thRu tHe KaRNivAL oF THe KaTZ.

Pi N Ben, great pals they were


[Catnip:SB Poet at Watermark is the purrfect host for this week's kittycarnival.

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August 15, 2004

KaRefREe Katz -COTC #21

SuNDae KarNIVal oF tHe kATz tIMe! YeshtERdAY wEESe cATcheD Zozo naPPinG oN tHe gUEstrOOm duVet (wHatEVeR tHat Ish) aN FeSte wUz rEaL mAd, bUt ZoZo dIDn'T cAre a'TaLL, sHe dIDn'T eVEn mOVe aFTeR wEEse tOOk hEr piTCHeR! FeSte sEz ZozO mUSth Be FrENcH.



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August 08, 2004

A kOOl kArNiVAl KaT

SuNDaE! YeSh, yUO knOWEd tHat, bUT Eyes hAFtA saYH iT aNYhowZ...cOz iT'Z CarnIVAl oF tHe KatZ dAy!!

MEEt PePiTa, meYes gOOd bUDdy wHO liVEz nEXt dOOr. He'Z rEAl nICe 'n teACheD mEese to rOLl in tHe dIRt. PePiTa liKEs tO sIt iN oUR gARden a lOT cOz it'Z nICe n cOOl.


FeSte sEz PePiTA lOOkz lIke a cAt tHat LiVed wITh FeStE mANy yEArz aGo.

EyeS duNNo, Weese lOOks fOr a piCTher tO pOSt L8tEr.


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July 25, 2004


HEwllO, SUNdAE & CaRNIvaL oF tHe KaTz tIMe aGAin! ThiSH anImASHun Of Pi 'N mEEsa mESSinG in a bIG oLE pOt wHEn FeSTe cHAnGeD pLANts, 'n pI drOPpeD a bAll iN ThE pOT. My fREn Pi wUz rEAl gOOfy 'n mAde Up lOTz Of gAMes wITH FeSTe'S pLAnTS aN pOTz, sOMeTImes FESte mADe tHAt unHApPY fACe wE dON't lIKe tO sEE, 'n weS hAd tO hIDe unDEr tHe bEd, bUt mOSt TImeS wE aLL lAUghEd, we dId.


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July 18, 2004

Memories of Pi

WhEE, iT'z sUNdaE 'n wE'Re bAAAcK!. CarNIvaL of The CaTZ is uP at MOOseY FaTE.

tHiz pICTheR iZ mY fREn Pi mAKinG lIKe an eLEFanT...sHe wUz a cRaZY cAt...an mEEze miSSes hER. LoTZ.

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July 11, 2004

All Decked Out:COTC

yEP, iT'z SunDAe aNd tIMe 4 COTC. We mISSed LaST wEEkz, we DiD, cUz FeSTe lEFT toWN 'n tURNeD oFF tHe coMPUtR...kiLLjOy.

He'Rez kiTTen ZoE oN tHe frONt DeCK...sHe mADe meeSA pOSt iT, rEaLLy...sHE'z vweRY mEAn an tRIcksY.


[Catnip: Carnival of the Cats is up at Lair's. Do not miss this week's Edloe pix. Newcomers: click here for Feste's archive of cat & dog pix. --Zozo]

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June 27, 2004

Now We Dance COTC #15

Welcome to Carnival of the Cats ...turn up your speakers...it's nude cat dancing and singing!! Who could possibly want more?

KittyKat Dance

Click here for Kayla's dance

- nUDe Boy cAT DanCing?

Nevermind, Mol.

On to the cats in no particular order...as we cats got a short attention span, ya know.

Watermark asks Is Your Pet An Earthling?

Feak of One Fang Fame resides with Thomas at Bloggg and is in for a big surprise.

Sissy's been hitting the ole digital camera to great effect: "Don't mess with the pets" ... "Think kind thoughts about a pussycat"... "A cat can look at a filet" and My cat disagrees with the premise of your question

Mog sends a pix of her comfy bed, the pillows with ears are a tad unsettling though..I hope theys ain't stuffed.

EeeKK...ShtUFfeD kAT eARZ? wUt? oH.

Robb at Sharpmarbles sends a cool black & white pix of Hudson

Meryl's Tig is into sneaker games, big time and by the look of his ears he plans to keep that one.

Lair brings up the rear with a Frisky chair cushion.

A late entry from Mr. Minority...everyone give a shout out to Beamer Stalker of Rodents from the Left!

aNd sO iT gOEs...anOTheR COTC shOT to hEll. --mOlly

[CATNIP: Feste pointed out that the looped Flash file will make everyone nuts, please follow the link to view. Check with Is Full Of Crap for next weeks carnival and don't forget to lick the kitchen counters after your human goes to sleep. --thanks for playing along, and I hope this annoys the p*ss out of John Dvorak --Zozo]

Michele does a number on John Dvorak for pissing on blogging for the upteenth time. Zozo's retort followed a KSFO radio interview the previous afternoon, wherein Dvorak went on at length about hating cat bloggers. When cat blogs begin to mock you, it may be mildly annoying ...but when Michele seriously sticks a fork in: you're done.

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June 25, 2004


Kitten Molly loved to nap on a warm laptop, fortunately for the current model, she doesn't care for the fan noise level and naps elsewhere.

Don't forget: the next Carnival of the Cats will hosted here by Molly and Zozo...send your entries to:


by 6:00PM PDT, Sunday 6/27

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June 20, 2004

COTC #14: Early Morning Molly

YeSH, iF iT'z SUNdaY, iTZ mUSt bE CaRNIvaL of tHe cATz tHish wEEk hOSteD bY CoLORaDo CoNVErSaTIve!

FeSTe iSh alWAyz poINtiNG tHAt bLAck cLICky thINg at us KaTz. iT'z sOMe kInDa maGIk sUMMin'...eye's dUNNo. HeRE MeEsa iSh jUSt enJOyinG tHe sUNriZe an CliCk, cLiCk, cLIck...iT'z vERRy aNNoyIng..'cePt WhEn mEEsa iSh VeRRy CUte in tHe PitChERS...aT LeAsT thAts wHAt FeSTe seZ.


[Catnip: I haven't heard such a load of self-indulgent horse-hoo since this morning's talk show reportage on Clinton's Bio. --Zozo ]

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June 13, 2004

KaRNIval of the KuBBy Kat #13

WE"Re bAAAcK, iSH SuNDaY, CarNiVAL of the CAtz. ThisH pITchER of mY FrEN Pi hELping FesTE wITh oFFicE tYpe shTuFF mAKeses mEE sAD, EyE miSSes hEr loTz.

Pi helping out


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May 23, 2004

Light As A Feather #10

FeSTe & ZozO iSTh veRy bUZy mUCkinG aROUnD iN pOTz, whILe MeEs wATchEd LiGHts 'N SchtUFF...sO MeESa mAKes tHis pOSt all bY mYseLf.

Who keeps turning on the light?

Mexican stand-off

Molly reels it in

Zoe horns in on the fun


[Catnip: This week's Carnival of the Cats is mostly Molly, me and Feste is too knackered to Photoshop after a hard day's work in the garden. Enjoy. --Zozo]

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May 16, 2004

A Grand Day Out #9

WeLL, iF iTz SUnDAy, iT MuSHt bE CaRNival OF tHe CaTz tIMe!!

ToDAy ZoZO 'n mE maKESes a paGe fRoM oUr scRApbOOk...itz cAllED:

"TwO TaiLs"

Ben & Pi

[Catnip: Harumph!! This was before I joined the family,
so you know who chose the photos this week. --Zozo]

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May 09, 2004

Foo Cats at COTC#8

HEwllO, ZoZO N mE haS soME pitCHerS, wE dOEs...thISh oNe aT Carnival of tHe Katz iSh ZozO's wEIgTh gAoL...tO bE faTTer ThaN eDLoE.

Pi busy twiddling pine boughs Molly fooing

FeSTe sEz nOt to pLAy on thE fOOS, sO wE dOEs. FESte SEz nOT tO pLAy wITh aLL tHe gOOd fUn shTUff, liKe tHe cOMptooRs. We iSh bAAd CAts, wE iSh.



[Catnip: It had to happen, Carnival of the Dogs, we likes it we does. --Zozo]

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May 03, 2004


Carnival of the Cats is up at ATS and it's purrrrrfect. Wha? Too much? Are you unclear on cat blogging?

Before Zoe joined the family there was a small grey and pink cat named Pi who was a month younger than Molly, they were great friends. I replanted the back garden that year and painted the inside of the fence a dark green...the cats helped.

Pi was fascinated with water....playing in any she found, including the birdbath. Why didn't they land when she was underneath? It was a puzzle and many hours were spent waiting and napping in the shade of the wide bowl. However someone watched from the patio table and plotted...

Pi Paddling Plotting attack rebuffed
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January 05, 2004

Catching Up

As my regular readers know, News Years Day 2003 was miserable. An extensive phone and internet search began...the West was combed and a few days later a pup was found and fetched home. For those of you who wonder about such things, here's a photo taken last week as Harley watches and waits for his trainer to pick him up for his twice-weekly romp in the hills.


He's a fine dog.

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July 31, 2003


Sometimes the tiger can be seen in the house cat's gaze.

Other times a wooden foot stool carved in the shape of a curled cat offers a comfy perch with a familiar shape.

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May 20, 2003


Finally! A bit of summer weather...no fog ...yet. Hear tell, the fog bank will blow in tomorrow about 4:00PM as usual. Had to take some accrued vacation time this week. I've deserted the helm for an afternoon or reading, napping and sipping ice tea on the garden lounge...so sue me.

Click thumbnail for a larger image [note: some images may download slowly on dialup.]

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February 23, 2003

Zozo & Harley

Harley has doubled in size and lost much of his puppy appearance since the Walkies page. He weighs about 35 lbs and is full of it...wozzling everything and everyone. He begins puppy class this week.

He and I spent the day together messing around outside...going for walkies, potting bulbs and playing ball in the back garden until the sun slipped behind the clouds. Where upon Zoe picked up the interior entertainment slack with a smack down.

Carnival of the Cats readers: Here is a web slide show & tell of the big wrasslin' match and our day in the garden. (You'll no doubt notice harley is tethered to the coffee table with a leash to keep the game under the cat's control.)


PS: Here's the latest pix of Harley if you're wonderin' how he turned out....he's a little too big and strong for cat wrestling now, I had to intervene before there were tears and vet bills, but Zozo still calls him out and ankle bites on a regular basis.

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January 22, 2003

So much for puppy discipline.

Last night I was deep into the newly posted CotV (a shameless plug for Meryl's ass-o-rama) when I noticed the dog bed and Harley were not in the room. Out in the hall a large green dog bed was buffeting from wall to wall.

"Arrrr grrrr nnnh arrrfff squeak! squeak! squeak! arrrrrggg."


The bed froze then slowly crept away from the direction of my voice...like a demented faux suede turtle it banged down the hall, took a left into the guest room...snagged to a stop on a chair leg. The culprit bounded out...spun around... pulling a neat half gainer landing flat on his back in the bed...squeaky toy in mouth. Pure pup joy. That was funny enough. Then I saw Zoe and Moll peering over the top of the stairs...eyes as wide as plates. I lost it...when I stopped laughing I grabbed the camera.

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January 21, 2003

Color Spots

It's very grey and drab today...here's a little bit of last summer's color to warm us up. I pruned and planted roses over the weekend and am looking forward to the new climbing rose varieties. The planting of roses is such a leap of faith...blossoms tumble from the pages of a catalog, bare gnarled stems arrive in the mail to be stuck into winter soil. The lush growth and riot of color that ensues is indeed a miracle. I did a major garden overhaul and refurbish in mid-summer...it was hell of a lot of work. I painted the fence a dark English garden green...it is very calming. We may enjoy the rewards this spring and summer...if Harley doesn't rip it all to bits. He is climbing through pots, beds everywhere he can reach. Why is it I got a pup again? Oh...that right..cuz they're cute. Right.

The above photo reminds me that Zoe was such a good kitten...toes right up to the open door but no farther. We have a 40% cat fatality rate going since we moved to the hill...so Zoe and Molly are inside cats. Molly is not happy about it as you can see by her glare...she toasted the window screen in retaliation.

In the summer, the Bay Area has cold foggy miserable mornings and evenings until September when the valley thermals shift and the coastal fog dissipates. We have the most stunning sunsets over the Bay in Sept-Oct. One no longer needs a parka to enjoy evening walks. Neighbors drift out to their decks and balconies...adult beverage in hand...snippets of music float over the canyon...the tip of Sather Tower peeks over the ridge as the bells softly strike the hour. It's a nice finish to the day. The sun sets behind Mt. Tam for a week or so creating a Mt. Doom-like tableaux...Marin is as close to Mordor as I want to come.

update: I swapped out a couple of the images from my archives.

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January 19, 2003


Sassy's Worldwide DogBite Service. Inc. is a spin-off of a web designer's site. You have to go there if you love dogs or know someone who needs a good ass biting.

While you're there have a look at their Web Developers Journal too. Lots of info and some wacky stuff to try.

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January 17, 2003

Is that a sweet face or what?

Click me!As you can see Harley is growing...he will be three months tomorrow...almost twice the size as in his initial photos. We had a scare a few days ago. Harley developed a very high fever and it looked like the dread Parvo virus...how could fate be so cruel? Tests were done and nothing conclusive found. Most likely an intestinal irritation from something he ingested. Meds cleared it up and he has rebounded with twice the energy. Whew! It was a tense depressing three days at the old manse.

Click the image for a larger version

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January 07, 2003

Golden Eye

Larger image of Zoe checking out Harley's crate Busy at work, Harley walking and such. No time to read blogs or the papers today...they went right onto the kitchen floor ( the papers, not the blogs)...who sez the Chronicle is worthless!

As soon as I went downstairs, Zoe, our youngest cat made a them into a tent that would do Dersu Uzala proud. Zoe is having a blast with the puppy...lots of leaping, running and tumbling. The large version of the above image shows her peering into Harley's crate in my office, wondering how to get the tennis ball. Zoe has a deft touch with a tennis ball...dribbles it soccer style...up on her tiptoes...Harley trailing behind her...funniest damn thing you've ever seen.

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January 06, 2003

Rode hard, put up wet

After two sleepless nights everyone at our house is pretty much knackered, including the troublemaker himself. Crate training is a bitch.

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January 04, 2003

Anticipation & Arrival

The emotional heart is amazingly resilient. Just a few days ago our house was plunged into deep despair. Today an undercurrent of joy and excitement surges as the Spousal Unit motors down the Interstate to meet a breeder. A careful inspection will be made, potential assessed, love meter red-lined, cash exchanged and maybe we will be in the house breaking bidness by nightfall.

A bargain was struck and a pup fetched. Meet Harley, as in Earl, not Davidson. His first photo and bath in the kitchen sink.

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January 02, 2003


My heart isn't into blogging, Ben, our English Springer Spaniel died yesterday, he was a fine dog.

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